European Brabants in the USA

Owners/breeders of European Brabants in America

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All the King's Horses

Our focus at All the King's Horses is on breeding high quality European Brabant and Brabant Stock horses.

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Big Horse Farm

Big Horse Farms has been home to draft horses and mules since 1981. Owners Cathy and Harold Williams spend time training and working their horses.

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Clover Oaks Farm

LOCATION: Brooksville, FL
Clover Oaks, owned by Joyce Concklin, is the first American breeder and importer of rare Ardennes. Since 2003 they have brought and bred over two dozen stallions, mares and foals.

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Jack Creek Farm

LOCATION: Monticello, GA
Jack Creek Farms located outside Atlanta, GA, is owned by Tim and Kathy Gunter. Together, they handpicked and imported three fillies, after visiting many of Belgium and the Netherland’s top Brabant breeding farms.

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LowCountry Acres

LOCATION: Harleyville, SC ​
LowCountry Acres is owned by Stacy Pearsall and her husband, Andy Dunaway. Stacy is a lifelong horseman and trainer of many breeds. In addition to her growing breeding program, Stacy trains draft and draft horse crosses.

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LOCATION: Browerville, MN

Rode-Em-In Ranch in Browerville, MN, owned by Angie Rodeman, specializes in breeding quality European Brabant Stock and draft cross Appendix Brabant horses.

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Ruisseau de L'Ours

Ruisseau de L'Ours, French for Bear Creek, is located in the beautiful north Georgia mountains. We are breeders and enthusiasts of the rare Ardennes draft horse.

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Silver Meadows Farms

LOCATION: Versailles, KY
Silver Meadows Farms located in Versailles, KY, is owned by Dr. Hernando Plata-Madrid and Lisa Martin. Together, they operate an equine veterinarian practice specializing in reproduction and serving the greater Lexington area.

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