Interested in a Brabant Draft Horse?

Are you thinking about buying a Belgian Draught horse? The info at this website will give you a headstart! If you have more questions, don't know where to start, want to visit some breeders,... don't hesitate to contact us!

Lotus in Chile
Birthe in Slovenia
Castro in France
Expo sold as foal to USA

Where & how to buy a Belgian Drafthorse

Where to find one ?

At online marketplaces, general websites, traders,... lots of drafthorses are for sale. We can only advice to find someone trustworthy to trade with, especially when you're not in the possibility to come to Belgium yourself to look for a horse.

Tip : Before buying: ask (or search at the studfarm website) for pictures of horses related to the horse (mother, sisters, offspring,...) and try to get a complete image of the horse. At our website a lot of show results can be found, if show quality is important to you.

At this website our members have the possibility to add their horses which are for sale. Click here to view the current classifieds.


Prices go with the market. In general, in the Belgian Drafthorse breed :

  • colts or cheaper than fillies
  • the colour "bay roan" is most common and so cheaper than the 'special colours' like black and chestnut
  • the price also depends on show quality and pedigree (proven and/or rare bloodlines, champions in the pedigree, results which are achieved in shows/competitions,...)


Before export the horse needs an official and complete passport and a microchip. If the horse is registered in the stud-book it receives an official passport from this organisation.
For export to foreign countries, it's always obliged to have official export documents from the Belgian governmental services. These need to be requested shortly before the export and are only valid for a few days. The cost for these arrangements are mostly charged extra to the buyer.

The rules for export/import are different in all countries. It's possible you need extra paperwork from your governmental services as well before the transport (and import) of the horse to your country is possible.
Depending on the country of destination it might be necessary that the horse goes in quarantine before the export.

Transport by air

If you're far away from Belgium, a transport by air might be the only way. Transport by air is expensive... a few tips:

  • Foals are cheaper :
    - Horses fly in specially designed aircraft stalls, for a safe and comfortable trip mostly two adults or three foals fit in one stall.
    - Foals mostly don't need to be as long in quarantine as adult horses.

  • The more, the better!
    If you can combine the transport of several horses this will be relatively cheaper.

How to start ?

Decide what you want:
  • Age :
    - a foal still has to learn a lot of things but can 'grow with you'
    - an older horse (should) know the basic things and you can immediately start riding, driving,...
    *** If the horse needs to be transported by air, a foal is mostly cheaper.

  • Gender :
    Drafthorses in general have a nice and easy character, also the stallions but if you're not planning on starting a studfarm, a mare or gelding is probably the best choice!

  • Use :
    What do you want to use the horse for? Working, recreation, breeding, shows,...


Belgium is the 'mother stud-book organisation' of the Belgian Draught Horse (Brabant drafthorse). This organisation is responsible for distribution of the official passport documents.

Tours & courses

In the future we are thinking about organising guided tours and/or courses for foreign breeders/amateurs of the Brabant Draft Horse. Click here for more info.