Theo van de Puipaert

Studbook number: 2017/374
Date of birth: 28-04-2017
Sex: stallion
Color: bay roan
Height: 1,72
Breeder: Jonckheere Jan, Beernem

Inteelt (over 5 generaties): 2.34 %
Bereken inteelt

Hengstenkeuring Ghlin 2019 © Eva De Smidt

Licensed stallions

  • Veterinaire keuring: OK (datum vet check: 16/12/2019)
  • DNA analyse:

  • 2020 : Belgium - Owner: Van Riet Dominique, Londerzeel

At this website you find the stallions licensed in Belgium (KMBT Studbook) and the Netherlands (KVTH Studbook) since 2008; the list above can be incomplete.

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