Bram and Noella are the Belgian champions 2017

National contest in Ghent

The national competition of the Belgian Draft Horse took place on January 15th during Agriflanders in Ghent. After the judging of the individual horses followed a few series before the "grand finale". The combination of three mares of family De Brabander won, after which a mare and stallion were presented with their offspring. Rani van Luchteren of Stal Van Doorselaere in Drongen and Mathador van de Bouwhoeve of Jella et Rik Swinnen in Tessenderlo, both former champions, showed their breeding performance.

Last year she was third, now she is crowned Belgian Champion 2017: Noella van het Keiberghof of Eric Verwilst in Deinze.
Evita van 't Costershof of Johan Vereertbrugghen became vice-champion and Lizet van het Kraayenhof of Koen Zwaenepoel was third.

The Dutch breeder Marcel Asbreuk could jubilate once again during the championship of stallions, his product Bram van de Bouwhoeve wins the title of Belgian Champion. This is the third time in a row that the Imschoot family of Beervelde wins this title.
As vice-champion the jury chose Hely de la Vallée from Eddy Van Langenhove and the third was Tim van 't Bos of Petra Verdoodt.

The complete results are coming soon : Events > Results.

Noella van het Keiberghof met eigenaar Eric Verwilst en vader Verwilst


Noella van het Keiberghof met eigenaar Eric Verwilst en vader Verwilst
Ereronde Bram van de Bouwhoeve
Lot van drie - familie De Brabander
Rani van Luchteren - Merries met afstammelingen
Mathador van de Bouwhoeve - Hengsten met afstammelingen

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