New studbook in USA

European Brabant Registry of America

A new studbook, the European Brabant Registry of America (EBRA), was launched recently in October after the American Brabant Association (ABA) declared their American Brabants as a new breed apart from the European (Belgian) Brabant. Owners and breeders of imported Belgian draft horses identified a need for a new registry whose goals would be to maintain European breed standards and purebred bloodlines.

The EBRA’s mission is clearly defined, “To preserve and maintain purebred European Brabants through the use of existing registry information, ancestry tracing and DNA profiles of imported European Brabants and their offspring, thereby providing enthusiasts and breeders the ability to search for and register purebred horses in North, Central and South America."

The naming of the different breeds was already very complicated before, given the European Belgian and American Belgian confusion. In America, their Belgians are what we call "Flemish Horses" in Europe. They are very different in type from our Belgian horses, who are referred to as Brabants in America. Confused? Check out this article: Click here for more info about the American / European / Belgian / Brabant.

The website of the new studbook can be found at
We wish the board lots of success with the further development of their organization and will of course assist them wherever possible regarding the promotion of the Belgian Draft horse aka European Brabant!

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