New sales platform

We are proud to present a new initiative to promote the (international) sale of draft horses: !

The years and years of development of the website has ensured that we have a wide network of enthusiasts and breeders, both in Belgium and abroad. For both we want to be a reliable party that connects the draft horse.
In the past we already helped several foreigners to find their way in the "world of Belgian and Dutch draft horses". Based on conversations with these people, we have listed their biggest difficulties and worked out a solution: an online sales platform for draft horses. Foals, young horses, broodmares, etc. are offered through this channel, and can be bought directly from the breeders in the most possible discreet way.

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In addition to the newsletter , we will also keep you informed via WhatsApp about new horses offered for sale. Signing up for our mailing list is very easy! Follow the steps below:

  1. Add to the contact list of your smartphone with the number +32 (0) 456 07 85 01
  2. Send us a message with your first and last name via WhatsApp, followed by #DrafthorseForSale #DrafthorseWanted
  3. That’s it! We will add your number to our mailing list as soon as possible.

From then on, you will receive a message via WhatsApp about newly offered draft horses.

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