Siem and Zadora are the new Dutch champions

National contest

The Dutch Studbook, the KVTH, organised their biennial National Contest. For the first they moved the event to another location, the new - and enormous - accommodation "De Peelbergen" in Kronenberg.

At Friday all the individual contests took place and the first champion titles were awarded. Fillies of one year old: Saar van de Dekkershoef (s. Gamin van de Lindehoef) of A. van der Heijden from Veghel.
Evita van de Kannelust (s. Bart van Wienenhof) of Th. van Bommel and son from Gemert was the best two year old. And Nadiah uit de Rampert (s. Udo van de Zaaidijk) of F.C. van Loon from Delwijnen took the title of three year olds.

At Saturday the championships were alternated with several shows. The mares came first which ultimately resulted in this top 3:

  1. Zadora van de Bouwhoeve (s. Gaston van de Bouwhoeve) pf Marcel Asbreuk from Diepenheim
  2. Lotte van de Lindehoef (s. Gamin van de Lindehoef) of J. Wingens from Schaijk
  3. Anouk van de Paashoef (s. Tuur van Hansevelde) of Swinkels Brothers from Vlierden

The championshop of the stallions followed later in the afternoon. Siem van de Dekkershoef (s. Gamin van de Lindehoef) succeeded at what he came for. The only 4 year old stallions is owned by André van der Heijden from Veghel.
Leander van de Boterhoeve (s. Kondor van 't Keerkenhof) of Mts. van Dommelen from Boekel is 4 years old as well and became vice champion. As third ended Senateur van Hoeve de Eik (s. Zeus d'Elewijt) of G. Smits from Castenray.

The complete results follow at the page Events > Results.

Siem van de Dekkershoef


Siem van de Dekkershoef
Zadora van de Bouwhoeve
Leander van de Boterhoeve (reserve kampioen)
Lotte van de Lindehoef (reserve kampioene)
Senateur van Hoeve de Eik (3e op tal)
Anouk van de Paashoef (3e op tal)

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