Visiting draft horses

in Chile

In 2008 and 2013 each time two Belgian draft horses went to Chile (South America), after repeated invitations, it was time to pay them a visit! So late August 2016 began the long journey to Papudo, a small town (3000 inhabitants) in center on the west coast of Chile. We won't bore you with the tourist trips, but there were (draft) horses... lots of horses.

We saw back the stallions Udo and Hugo which left three years ago, we were introduced to Guus who was born in Chile after the export of his mother, we saw hun-dred-s descendants of 'our' Lotus, noticed that his daughter Tulipa is a copy of her grandmother,... .

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Hugo and Udo
First 'Belgian' foal 2016 (Ardennais-mare Marmota x Udo van 't Roetaart)

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